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We have unlimited funds to buy your client's notes, annuities and other cash-flow instruments at the highest price. We have always been the provider of the highest cash... for 37 years and we will continue to be.  Why?  Because we use our own funds so our cost-of-money is far less than other buyers and therefore can pass those savings on to your client in the form of more cash.   

CLOSE 50% MORE DEALS!  Use our VALUE BASE™ to close deals!  We are the only company that provides you with specific, valuable market and structure information about every note you present to us.  Use it to your advantage!  Remember to request VALUE BASE as part of your Note or other financial instrument Quote request.

Note Funding Center supports beginner through expert Note Owners, Portfolio Originators, Banks, Service Companies, Wholesalers, Brokers, Finders and Agents.  Different than others, we allow you to determine the level of involvement and fee.  Plus, valuable personal support. 

Our high quote prices, support, VALUE BASE ™ and service is complemented with dedication to you, your client's valuable asset and your professionalism.   

We look forward to working with you to close many transactions.  Now, let's get started:  START READING BELOW LEFT.


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Now that you have read our Welcome above, it is important to know how to work together.

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  • Your registration with us is not necessary. 
  • The first time you submit a financial instrument to us, your name and contact information is recorded along with the instrument information, date and time you presented the note according to our PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS below.


  • In the third column to the right you will find the types of Financial Instruments we can currently buy followed by our basic purchase criteria minimums for each.
  • It is important to check  the third column frequently because the criteria changes due to market conditions.


  •    Presenting a Financial Instrument for a cash quote is easy.   

  • It is mandatory to simply complete our online Information worksheet located at CASH-PURCHASE-QUOTATION REQUEST or click on your instrument type in the column to the right.  Accuracy and completeness of information and financial data asked about the financial instrument is critical to correctly value and price any financial instrument.

  • Once you have completed the worksheet, your name (as you entered in the field 'Name:' on the Worksheet) will be  recorded with that instrument.  

  • The first Broker presenting a complete note worksheet is recorded as Broker of Record for that instrument.

  • It is important to know we provide the same quote to the first three Brokers presenting the same financial instrument, on complete worksheets.  



  • You must be in direct contact and sale agreement with the actual Financial Instrument owner. 
  • If you are one step removed from the instrument owner, you must have a provable presentation and fee agreement with the party you got the note from who must have a written sale agreement with the owner. 
  • No Broker Chains.  Why?  Broker Chain deals never close.
  • Presenting a Financial Instrument to us requires total completion of our Online Cash-Purchase-Quotation Request Worksheet found by clicking on your note type name listed right in the center of our home page. 

  • Without Note Payor credit info you will receive a 'Preliminary' or 'Subject To  Credit Score' Quote.  Why?  Think about it as an Investor! 
  • We cannot record nor respond to incomplete note information worksheets.

5.  FEE

  • The first Broker delivering a financial instrument owner signed quote acceptance wins.
  • Your Broker or Finder fee is determined by you on almost all submitted financial instruments.
  • We will present you with a Cash-Purchase-Quotation to buy your presented note according to the included 'Subject To' provisions included with the quote.  Know as the Wholesale Quote.  You then deduct your desired fee from the quote then present the Net Quote to your client.
  • If you told us in the completed worksheet Comments section that you wanted us to perform all the contact, negotiation and closing with the note owner, your fee is what YOU also state there and is then stated again in our emailed quotation to you. 
  • If you told us you wanted to perform all the negotiation and work required to close the deal, your fee is the difference between our wholesale quote to you and the net quote you provide your note owner client. 
  • Either way, you will receive a check from us.  Simple!


  • If your Instrument Owner says he/she has a higher priced quote  simply ask for written, signed proof.
  • Once you have written proof, just email or fax it to us at private@notefundingcenter.com or Fax: 888-642-3997 attaching the signed, written proof.  We will evaluate it and tell you everything you need to know...  including a better price and terms if possible.  Remember, price is just one of many reasons for a note owner to select you as their Note Broker.  Trust is the main and most important reason a note owner wants to work with you.  We are here to help you!


  • Who do I call or email if I have questions?
  • Call Dave at 858-964-0973 or email dc@notefundingcenter.com.  Dave is our founder and involved with every transaction.  Plus he is a 40 yr. veteran of the Note Buying Industry, considered an industry authority, speaks, writes, teaches and publishes.  He can help improve your skills and enhance your income.


Present your Client's Financial Instrument to us for purchase consideration and receive a free quote by clicking on it's  Type below:





FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS WE CAN BUY plus Basic Requirements.  As of December 2021

NOTE:  As a leading, 37 yr old, Note Investor in the US, we can tell you that the note payor's current credit scores and history directly impact the amount of cash we can pay for a financial instrument.  Knowing the debtor's/payor's credit scores is a creditor's Federal Legal Right, at all times and without payor consent.  Your creditor client can obtain his debtor/payor credit scores at one of the three credit bureau sites (Experion, TransUnion, Equifax).  The scores question is asked on our note quote request worksheet. 

 1.  REAL ESTATE NOTE, MORTGAGE , DEED or CONTRACT (Single and Multi Family, Commercial and Industrial properties):

  • 1st Lien Position Note, Mortgage, Contract for Deed or Trust Deed or Land Contract Basic Requirements:
    •  Performing Note
    • Minimum $40,000 Current Unpaid Principal Balance (UPB)
    • No Maximum  Current UPB
    • Maximum 85% Loan to Value (LTV) on Residential;  75% on Commercial and multi-family  
    • Minimum 3 months Note seasoning.
    • Limited Simo closes/funding
    • Nationwide USA
    • Minimum 630 current credit score
    • No modified notes.
    • Note security must include the land.


  • 2nd position Notes Basic Requirements:
    • CURRENTLY NOT BUYING Individual, Performing or Non-performing 2nd lien POSITION NOTES.


 2.  BUSINESS NOTES Basic Requirements:

  • First lien position Business Promissory Note with or without Real Estate.
  • Note must be secured by the business tangible assets.
  • Performing Note 
  • Minimum 20% Cash Business sale Down Payment
  • Minimum $60,000 Note current Unpaid Principal Balance
  • Maximum $1,000,000 Note current Unpaid Principal Balance (UPB)
  • Minimum 2 months Note seasoning
  • Minimum 650 current payor credit score
  • Note Personal Guarantee by the note Payor
  • Provable Note and Securing Business profitable performance
  • Business Net Profit greater than 2.5 times Note payment
  • No Interest Only Notes



  • Land must be Improved (Titled, Utilities on or to Property line)
  • Minimum $45,000 Note current Unpaid Principal Balance
  • Maximum $400,000 Note current Unpaid Principal Balance
  • Maximum 65% LTV
  • Minimum 35% cash Down Payment on land sale price
  • No Note or Deed Release Clauses
  • Minimum 630 current credit score



  • Mobile Home Note MUST include the Land
  • Double and Triple Wide Mobile Homes plus over 15' wide Singles only
  • Minimum $40,000 Note current Unpaid Principal Balance
  • Minimum 20% cash Down Payment
  •  Minimum 620 current low credit score
  • Maximum 60% LTV

5.  SIMULTANEOUS CLOSE NOTE Basic Requirments:

  • Currently buying limited simultaneous close Notes 


6.  NOTE PORTFOLIOS Basic Requirements:

  • Submission ONLY by portfolio owners or authorized compilers, servicing companies or licensed traders. No brokers, finders, intermediaries.
  • We buy only Residential Real Estate Mortgage Note Portfolios that are Non-Performing 2nd position Notes.
  • $10M to $500M portfolio Principal UPB.
  • Call Dave at 858-964-0973 (Pacific Time) for submission and process details


  • Court ordered Structured Settlements.
  • Court ordered or personal Annuities
  • Minimum $25,000
  • No Maximum amount
  • Must have a defined payment schedule
  • Must be Assignable