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As promised, we are providing a series of 'How To' documents, articles and ebooks about Notes, Receivable Assets, Buying and Selling, Creation, Wording, Elements, Information, How To's,  Receivable Asset Knowledge, Forms, etc.  

The world of Notes, Mortgages, Contracts, Annuities...  all Cash-Flow-Instruments or Receivable Assets is very confusing and even calculations are non-standard.  We have leveled the playing field and most adhere to our standards but not our proprietary functions and actions.

Our 38 year history of assisting and buying Note/Mortgage/Annuity/Contract/Portfolio owners assets from $25,000 to $1,000,000 provides us the market, legal and action based knowledge, experience, process and functions to personalize and serve all clients. 

  • We know that an Asset owner wants the best price. 
  • Historically, we also provide the BEST NET CASH amount... 
  • You can learn about NET AMOUNT by reading the articles below. 
  • It's important to your sale or saleable proceeds. 

The Articles, Documents and eBooks we create and publish have been requested by the US Government, Private Owners, Investors, Institutions, etc. because we have been acclaimed as the leader, Trusted Source and National Knowledge Base in the Future Income Stream Instrument Business. 

  • Yes, we are proud and responsible for providing clear, equitable, market-wise, professional, secure and timely knowledge and information
  • PLUS we purchase Future Income Stream Instruments, also known as Receivable Assets or Financial Instruments. 
  • Our intention here with 'How To' is to provide succinct, performance valued Receivable Asset knowledge to the 'to be' and 'existing owner'
  • You should be able to take our information to your escrow/Attorney/Title company and be informed and able to contest or additive to the documentation process...  to your benefit.

For a limited time, we will provide these informative articles, documents and ebooks FREE.  (We are being pressured by the financial press, Wall Street and various investors to keep our system and knowledge private...  because of the obvious).  It's our way of giving back. 

  • Think about it!  If you follow our Receivable Asset creation advice, then wish to sell it, we benefit because it is a perfected Asset...  We both win because we can afford to pay you more cash and we have a long-term asset. 
  • How can we afford to pay you more for your Asset?  Simple.  We, unlike other investors, use our own funds.  So, our cost-of-money is less. 
  • Also, we are a long-term return investor.  You are a short term investor.  You have to know the calculations of 'Time Value of Money' (the basics are 'A dollar in your hand today is worth more than a dollar in your hand tomorrow).

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Many Note-Buying-Companies are feverishly trying to copy our talents, capabilities, funds, professionalism, personalization, process, ability and Appraisal Service to pay more per note or add services.  They just can't.  It's proprietary.

And on and on...


CURRENT ARTICLES AND INFORMATION:  Click on an article name to read.

1.  How to Sell your Promissory Note.

 2.  Seller Financing:  How to Create a Secure and Saleable Note or Mortgage.



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