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Financial Calculators
Time Value Software---The Financial Calculator
The #1 Real Estate Investment Calculator for Note Buyers, Note Brokers, and Investors! The TValue program is perfect for computing payments, checking interest due on a note, or calculating the yield of a note investment. TValue will even calculate partial purchases and payoffs, split payments, uneven payments, interest only, and balloon payments. 
Financial Services
FREE Annual Credit Report is the official site to help consumers to obtain their free credit report.  You, as a creditor, can also obtain your debtor's credit report including their credit scores.  As a creditor, you are the only person with the Federal Legal right (according to the Federal Credit Laws) to know the current credit and financial status of your debtors without the debtor's permission, for as long and as often as s/he is your debtor .

Small Business Loans

First Funds Capital provides small business loans up to $1,000,000 in as little as 72 hours.

Financial and Note Knowledge
The PaperSource

Visit THE PAPER SOURCE and learn how to make profits from cash flows -- FREE E-COURSE ON NOTES!  "The Paper Source:  Bringing Together Note Brokers & Investors Since 1987"


How To Books

FREE How To Articles, Information and eBooks about Receivable Asset creation, selling and buying.

Culinary and Arts
Fine, Handcrafted Wine

Fifth generation vintners produce award winning wines from old vines.  Limited production. Joseph Filippi Winery.

Computers and Internet
Shopping Network

Online Shopping
Online shopping with the shopping network! Everything from art to shopping - the shopping network lists them all!

Worldwide Travel Assistance

Worldwide Travel,orbitz,expedia,cheaptickets,travelocity,priceline
This travel guide gives you the real story about cheap tickets, vacations, hotels, resorts, cruises car rentals on the most popular places around the world! Compare prices, air fares, cheap tickets, best deals.

VOIP Phone service providers reviews

Consumer  provides a review of VOIP phone providers.

VOIP Phone and Fax Service Online Information

Voip Service Online Information
Everything you need to know about voip (voice over IP) services and voip security.

VOIP Phone and Fax Service
A Directory of Business, Resources, Shopping, etc.

Bonin's Resources
A web directory of business, resources, shopping, sports and much more!

Real Estate
Moving Assistance

Moving Companies
The moving yellow pages is a nationwide directory that offers a listing for movers and moving services that are nationally certified and bonded.

California Real Estate Center

Search California Real Estate Listing and Mortgages.




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