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Congratulations! You found the Premier Annuity Buyers that pay the most CASH with the best terms for your Annuity or Contract you want to Sell.

We, Note Funding Center, are the 37 year old buyer of Future Payment Stream Instruments (Notes, Mortgages, Contracts, Annuities, etc.). 

If you want to sell all or part of your Annuity or Contract we will pay you the most cash.  As you probably found out, we are one of the few VALID Annuity buyers. See why below.

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Click the blue button for a Click for a FREE Cash purchase quote to sell your Annuity.

Why should you sell Annuity to us?  Because we think you want to receive the largest amount of cash possible.  And that's what we provide you.  You want the most cash with the best terms, personalized service and priceless knowledge in the least amount of time.  Our stellar reputation is a result of superior performance.

Your Annuity is your serious asset.  We respect that.  You deserve the best price, terms, service and timing!

There are rewarding reasons why Annuity owners always sell to us!  Over 50% of our clients are either repeat or referral from satisfied clients.  We must be doing something right!  Yes, it's the Highest Annuity Valuation plus the Greatest CASH, Best Terms and the Stellar SERVICE!

First, you want to know how much we will pay you for your Annuity, right?  We tell you how much by presenting you with a FREE, no obligation cash-purchase-quotation.  To get one is easy.  Just click on your type of asset below then complete the online Information Worksheet then your own personal Client Manager will contact you with your cash-purchase-quotation.



Following your acceptance of our sell annuity or sell contract cash-purchase-quotation we simply perform the necessary legal activities, transfer your asset documents and pay you.  Your personal Client Manager is with you all the way.

So you know, we also provide you with your Annuity VALUATION FACTS (we are the only company that does this).

 You can get started by:

1.  Calling us at 858-964-0973, or

2.  Emailing us, or

3.  Completing the online Sell Annuity Worksheet

  Your choice. 


Any way you contact us, we promise prompt, courteous, informative, professional, personal, confidential, fast, rewarding results.

Our Guarantee is simple, honest and straight-forward. 

Note Funding Center is considered an authority and knowledgebase in the Future Payments/Income Stream Instruments business.  You can learn about Creating, Selling and Buying Notes, Mortgages, Contracts, Annuities and Inheritances at our How To pages.


"Your Solvency Solution is our Action"


We look forward to working to your sell annuity satisfaction.

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