Real Estate Note/Mortgage Quotation Request Worksheet

 To receive a FREE Cash Purchase Quotation for your Real Estate secured Mortgage, Note or Contract for Deed, please accurately answer every question on the Information worksheet below.

If you have an 'Improved Land' secured mortgage/note please go to SELL LAND NOTE. 

If you have a Mobile Home secured note/mortgage/contract/deed that includes the Land, please go to SELL MOBILE HOME NOTE. 

If you have a business secured  Promissory Note, please go to SELL BUSINESS NOTE.

If you wish a For-Fee Real Estate or Business secured Note Appraisal/Valuation, just complete the Information Worksheet below.  Your personal Client Manager will contact you.

Click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the worksheet after you have accurately answered all the questions and are satisfied with your answers.

                                       That's all you have to do!

Following our review of your Mortgage/Note Information Worksheet, your own personal Client Manager will contact you with a Cash Purchase Quotation to buy your mortgage/note for cash now.

NOTES"Payor" is the person making the note payments;  "Note Owner" is you;  "Lien" is your note's legal security position on the securing property or business.  Example:  A 1ST LIEN POSITION NOTE means that there are no existing, superior liens (including tax liens) and your note is the most superior of any other existing liens.

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