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Real Estate Note/Mortgage Quotation Request Worksheet

 To receive a FREE Cash Purchase Quotation for your Real Estate Mortgage, Note or Contract for Deed, please complete the Information worksheet below.

If you have an 'Improved Land' mortgage/note please go to SELL LAND NOTE. 

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If you wish a for-Fee Real Estate Note Appraisal/Valuation, just complete the Information Worksheet below.  Your personal Client Manager will contact you.

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Following our review of your Mortgage/Note Information,  your own personal Client Manager will contact you with a Cash Purchase Quotation to buy your mortgage/note.

NOTES:  Payor is the person making the note payments;  Note Owner is you;  Lien is your note's security position on the property.

* Questions marked with an Asterisk Require Information from you.

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Note property owner/note payor City, State and Zip: *
Type of Note Property: *
Property Condition: *
Land included in all Notes, Mortgages and Liens: *
The Land is: *
The Note Property Layout (# of Bd, Baths, Sq.Ft.of Bldg(s), Lot size):
Property Age in Years: *
Property Location: *
Property Sale Price: *
Cash Down Payment Amount: *
Property Sale Date: *
Note Property Owned by Note Owner more than 12 mths prior to sale: *
Certified Appraisal Amount:
Certified Appraisal Date:
1st Lien/Note Original Principal Amount: *
2nd Lien/Note Original Principal Amount: *
3rd Lien/Note Original Principal Amount: *
Total of ALL Existing Liens/Notes Original Principal Amounts: *
Lender/Mortgagee Title Insurance policy: *
Note Payor Occupies the Property: *
Note Position: *
Creation of Note: *
Date of Note Creation: *
Current Principal Balance of Note: *
Note Interest Rate--Fixed: *
If an Adjustable Interest Rate Note: What are the Current Interest Rate, the Adjustment Date, the Index Name, the Margin, the Floor, the Ceiling:
Note Terms: *
Note Payment Period: *
Note Payment Amount. (If Variable or Unequal, describe in COMMENTS Below): *
Note Term in Months: *
1st Payment Due Date was: *
Next Current Payment Due Date is: *
# of Payments Made: *
# of Payments Remain: *
# of Payments Late: *
Balloon Amount: *
Balloon Date: *
Note Security: *
Note Payor is a: *
If this is a Commercial Property Real Estate Note, the Note Personal Guarantor is: *
Individual(s) Note Payor Current Credit Score(s):
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