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We, Note Funding Center, are the 30 year old buyer of Future Payment Streams (Notes, Mortgages, Contracts, Annuities, etc.)

If you want to sell your note, we will pay you top cash for your Real Estate Note, Contract or Mortgage, your Business Note, your Annuity, your Pension, your Structured Settlement or provide you an Inheritance Advance.

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Why should you sell your note to us?  Because we think you want to receive the largest amount of cash possible.  And that's what we provide you.  You want the most cash with the best service and priceless knowledge in the least amount of time.  Our stellar reputation is a result of superior performance. 

Your Note, Mortgage, Contract, Business Note, Annuity, Pension, Structured Settlement or Inheritance is your serious asset.  We respect that.  You deserve the best price, service and timing!

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First, you want to know how much we will pay you for your asset, right?  We tell you how much by presenting you with a FREE, no obligation cash-purchase-quotation.  To get one is easy.  Just complete the QUOTE FORM which tells us about your asset.  Following our review, your own personal Loan Supervisor will contact you with your cash-purchase-quotation.  Click on the name type of your asset below on the left for your Online Quote Form or on the right to access your Downloadable QUOTE FORM.


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Following your acceptance of our cash-purchase-quotation we simply transfer your asset documents and pay you.  Your personal Loan Supervisor is with you all the way.

So you know, we also provide you with your asset VALUATION FACTS (we are the only company that does this).

 You can get started selling your note by calling or Emailing us or completing one of the above QUOTE FORMS or downloading a QUOTE FORM, completing it and faxing it to us.  Your choice. 

...Call TODAY for a confidential CASH OUT estimate.  Toll Free at 1-877-791-9980.  

...Or, email your personal Loan Supervisor at and tell us about your note and the best time and way to contact you. 

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Any way you contact us, we promise prompt, courteous, informative, professional, personal, confidential, fast, rewarding results.

Our Guarantee is simple, honest and straight-forward. 

Note Funding Center is considered an authority and knowledgebase in the Future Payments/Income Stream business.  You can learn about Notes, Mortgages, Contracts, Annuities and Inheritances at our How To pages.


"Your Solvency Solution is our Action"


We look forward to working to your sell note satisfaction.

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*  The definition of "Note" is any promise to pay an amount of money on demand according to the terms stated in the related financial document.  Notes can be Promissory, Mortgage, Deed of Trust, Contract, Annuity, Lease, Performance or Will.  Therefore, a "Note" is a promise to pay amount(s) at a future date(s) and is referred to as a Future Payment Stream.

You will be very happy after you sell note to us, the note buyers and mortgage buyer.




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