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1.  For 37 years, Note Funding Center continues to purchase for CASH:

  • Real Estate Notes, Mortgages and Contracts
  • Business Notes
  • Annuities 
  • Structured Settlements
  • Lottery Contracts
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • We can advance cash for your Inheritance.
  • We pay you Cash Now to buy all or part of your payments.

Over 50% of our clients are repeat or referral.  We must be doing something right!  ... more at About Us.

2.  Real Estate Note Appraisal Service:  Note Appraisal





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  • And, because we use our own funds, our cost of money is less expensive making your cash price higher.
  • We provide you a VALID Cash price quotation and dependable funding. 
  • No games or bait and switch. 
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  • Your own personal, professional Client Manager from beginning to Funding.
  • Every transaction receives our renown, proprietary Personalized Service and Quality Management. 
  • Our innovative online information worksheet, gathers all the necessay details in one place for you and us.
  • Therefore, we can close and fund notes in 2-4 weeks, sometimes less.
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  • We are the only company that provides you with all the information, options, conditions, recommendations and pure facts concerning your valuable asset. 
  • We call it VALUE BASE™.  
  • Learn about Seller Financing.



     Real Estate Note, Mortgage or Contract 
  ►  Business Note 
     Mobile Home Note  with Land
  ► Improved Land Note

  ►  Annuity 

  ►  Structured Settlement
  ►  Inheritance Advance 
     Lottery Contract  
     Life Insurance Policy




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      NOTE APPRAISAL Service:

Note Owners, Lawyers, Estate Planners, CPA's and Financial Planners often need a professional valuation of their own or a client's assets, like a note or mortgage.  We provide a Professional Appraisal service that market values a real estate or business cash-flow-financial-instrument (Note), complete with a comprehensive report.



   We Are:

note buyers

mortgage buyers

business note buyers

note investors

mortgage investors

private note buyers

private mortgage buyers

real estate note buyers

real estate mortgage buyers

trust deed buyers

land note buyers

commercial real estate note buyers





structured settlement buyers

annuity buyers

mobile home with land note buyers

mortgage portfolio buyers

note portfolio buyers

inheritance advance


  We Pay:

cash for your owned real estate or business note

cash for your owned mortgage

cash for your owned land note secured by improved land

cash for owned trust deed

cash for your annuity

cash for your structured settlement

cash for your mobile home with land note

cash advance for your inheritance

cash for your owned non-performing note portfolio


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